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The OSSTF District 19 Teacher Bargaining Unit represents, negotiates, and advocates on behalf of Secondary Teachers in the Peel District School Board


As a strong, effective union OSSTF District 19 works with members, the employer, and the communities we serve and to which we belong to:
1. Protect and enhance publicly-funded education in Peel and Ontario
2. Ensure that schools are equitable and safe places for staff and students
3. Bargain contracts that protect and improve working conditions
4. Offer professional growth and development

Founded in 1919, OSSTF/FEESO represents approximately 60 000 education workers throughout Ontario. The union works to protect its diverse membership which is represented by 140 bargaining units across the province. For more information about OSSTF/FEESO at the provincial level, please visit

We have also created a New Member Package that contains many more details about your Union, District and Bargaining Unit. Members can download it here:

New Member Package 2023-24

Pride 2023

Protecting and Enhancing Public Education

As a union that represents education workers across Ontario, OSSTF is a strong voice in support of a research-based approach to education policy in this province. Our advocacy goes beyond simply demanding more for our members, but includes fighting to protect and enhance public education in Peel and across Ontario. We have a world-class public education system, and we must fight to protect it.

Pride 2023

Equitable and Safe Schools

It is essential that our public schools provide equitable learning environments for both staff and students. OSSTF District 19 supports an anti-racist and anti-oppression approach to learning and working in Peel schools. Staff and students should always feel welcome and safe in our public schools.


Bargaining to Protect and Improve Working Conditions

There are currently thousands of qualified teachers in the province of Ontario who are choosing not to work in the field of education. We do not have a shortage of teachers, but we do have a shortage of highly educated professionals who are willing to work for school boards that don't value their employees. OSSTF District 19 advocates for better compensation and working conditions for teachers in Peel in order to ensure that our schools can attract and retain the best educators in the province.

Advocacy to Activism

Professional Growth and Development

OSSTF District 19 offers training to members on topics such as Contract Maintenance, Advocacy to Activism and Dismantling Anti-Black Racism in our public schools. We also support members with funding for professional development related to their teaching practice via our Short Term Professional Development Leave (STPDL) committee.

Your 2023-24 TBU Executive

Time-Release Officers (working full-time at the D19 Office)

Nicola Allison 2 (edited)


Nicola Allison


Nicola is also the D19

Liaison Officer for the

following schools: 

Applewood Heights

Brampton Centennial

Cawthra Park

Fletcher's Meadow


Jean Augustine



Rick Hansen


Turner Fenton


Rich Arulsuthan


Rich is also the D19 Liaison

Officer for the following schools: 

Applewood Acres



Harold M. Brathwaite

John Fraser

Judith Nyman

Lorne Park

Louise Arbour


Stephen Lewis

West Credit


Aaron Gervais

Aaron is also the D19 Liaison Officer for the following schools:



Central Peel


David Suzuki

Heart Lake

Lincoln Alexander

North Park

PAS North and South

Roy McMurtry (PAS Central)

Chief Negotiator:

Kelly Bevan

Kelly is also the D19 Liaison Officer for the following schools:

Adult Day




Port Credit


TL Kennedy

Virtual School

The Woodlands


Anti-Racism Intersectional Officer:

Dorothy Melville

Dorothy is also a D19 TBU Equity, Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression Officer and supports members experiencing equity, racism or oppression in the workplace. 

Dave Finlay 2 - Web

Benefits and Retirement Counsellor:

Dave Finlay

Dave supports members who need assistance in dealing with the Board's Abilities Department, in accessing leaves or benefits, and members who have questions about retirement. 


Dismantling Anti-Black Racism Training Officer:

Francis Manyanga

Francis is responsible for the development and organization of dismantling anti-Black racism and anti-oppression training for members of the union executives and branch executives. Francis is also a D19 TBU Equity, Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppressions Officer.

Brian Grandy - Web

Joint Staffing Chair:

Brian Grandy

Brian works with the Board's Manager of Staffing to ensure that schools are allocated appropriate numbers of teachers and that class size caps are upheld. 


Racism Reporting Officer:


Non Time-Release Members of Executive (Current Classroom Teachers)

Rob Deonarine - Web

Provincial Councillor:

Robert Deonarine

Robert represents D19 TBU members at OSSTF's Provincial Council (OSSTF's governing body between Annual Meetings of the Provincial Assembly), which meets 5 times per year.

Rupinder Uppal 2 - Web

Provincial Councillor:

Rupinder Uppal

Rupinder represents D19 TBU members at OSSTF's Provincial Council (OSSTF's governing body between Annual Meetings of the Provincial Assembly), which meets 5 times per year.

Beth Gill

Executive Officer:

Beth Gill

The Executive Officer attends regular meetings of the PDSB and reports back to TBU Council and Executive on issues relevant to the membership.

Communications Chair:

Celine McDonald

Celine chairs the committee that creates the D19 TBU newsletter, "The Appeel". Celine is also the Editor of the Appeel.

Dismantling Anti-Black Racism Action Committee Chair:

Kyle Ali

Kyle chairs the committee that advises the TBU and organizes events in support of dismantling anti-Black racism.

Educational Services Chair:

Alanna Grant

Alanna Chairs the committee that organizes professional development workshops for D19 TBU members.

Paul Miranda 2 - Web

Excellence in Education Chair:

Paul Miranda

Paul chairs the committee that is responsible for organizing the Student Achievement Awards as well as the Teacher Recognition Awards.

Going Green Chair:

Kate Gibson

Kate chairs the committee responsible for advising and advocating to make the D19 TBU a more environmentally-friendly union.

Health and Safety Chair:

Linda Weylie   

Linda chairs the committee that oversees health and safety practices in our schools, and Linda also sits on the Multi-Joint Health and Safety Committee with the PDSB and unions that represent other job classes in the PDSB.

Marlene Blake Seale 2 - Web

Human Rights Chair:

Marlene Blake Seale

Marlene chairs the committee that advises the D19 TBU on human rights issues and organizes events and fundraisers in support of human rights causes.

Political Action Chair:

Ryan Sparrow

Ryan chairs the committee that plans and organizes rallies, campaign support, canvassing, and other political action events in support of public education.

D19 Office Admin Staff:

Meaghan Ulla (Office Manager) and Toni Pellegrino (Admin Assistant)

Meaghan and Toni are responsible for keeping the D19 office functioning so that we can effectively serve and support the membership. If you ever call our office, they are likely the first person who you'll speak with.